Combi Group

Corporate History

Dec. 1957 Sanshin Limited was founded in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo with ¥2 million capitalization. The company sold pharmaceuticals and manufactured health care accessories, apparatus and other medical products.
Apr. 1961 Sanshin moved into the manufacture, processing and sale of plastics. 
Absorption amalgamated Mimatsu Chemicals Limited. Sanshin established a factory in Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City. The company began producing feeding bottles, potties and juvenile tableware under the brand name "Combi."
Mar.  1968 Company name was changed to Combi Corporation.(Began production and sales of “Baby Rack” high chairs.)
Apr. Head Office was moved to Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
Apr. 1970 The new Yokohama factory was constructed at the Tsurumi site.(Closed September,1994)
Jul. 1972 A new factory with production and warehousing facilities was constructed in Iwatsuki City, Saitama.
Feb. 1977 Began production and sales of “Sandra” stroller.
May. 1982 Combi Health Corporation was established.
Mar. 1984 Combi entered the exercise machines market. Production of AEROBIKE began at the Saitama factory.
Jun. 1985 Began production and sales of “Safety Seat DX” to penetrate the child car seat market.
Jul. 1989 U.S.A. sales subsidiary, Combi International Corporation, was established in Chicago.
Jul. 1991 The subsidiary Combi Asia Limited was established in Hong Kong as a development, production and sales base.
Sep. The Minami-Urawa Techno-Center opened.
Oct. Combi shares were registered with the Japan Securities Dealers Association and listed on the OTC market in Tokyo.
Jan. 1992 Combi Asia Limited began production at a new factory situated in the special economic development zone at Shenzhen in Dong Guang, China.
Apr. 1995 The company name of Combi Health Corporation was changed to Combi Cha cha Corporation.
Dec. Combi (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established.
Feb. 1996 Head Office was moved to Taito-ku, Tokyo.
Feb. 1997 The Laboratory of Biotechnology was launched in Oomiya City,Saitama.
Jun. A factory of Dong Guan Combi Stroller & Toys Co., Ltd. began production.
Aug. 1998 Combi (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. began to manage Pudong Baseball Stadium in Shanghai, China.
Dec. The Saitama Factory obtained ISO14001.
May. 1999 The Laboratory of Biotechnology was moved to Urawa City.
Aug. The Apparel Division was launched and entered the baby wear market with the "Combi mini" brand.
Sep. Increased capitalization to ¥2,991.92 million by public offering.
May. 2000 The Dong Guan Factory obtained ISO9002.
Jul. Began “Combimini” brand to enter and penetrate the baby wear market.
Oct. Developed a fat-burning beverage "Be.Quater" and started online sales.
Oct. Established the Tsukuba Distribution Center.
Dec. Combi Cha Cha Coporation obtained ISO14001.
Sep. 2001 A sales subsidiary of Combi Asia Ltd., COMBI (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. was 
established in Taipei, Taiwan.
Oct. Combi Wellness Corporation was established.
Nov. Combi Plaza Nakano nursery school was established by Combi Cha Cha Corporation.
Nov. Combi Wellness Corporation opened business with Nautilus Japan and acquired the franchise in Japan.
Dec. Ningbo Combi Baby Goods Co., Ltd. began prodution of baby racks.
Mar. 2002 Switched to the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange from the Jasdaq market.
Apr. The Functional Foods Division was launched and entered into the functional foods business.
Oct. The vision for the Combi brand is "To create a world where people can enjoy and feel happy about baby care." The new logo was adopted based on this vision.
Mar. 2003 Switched to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Oct. The "Baby Label" series of juvenile tableware, potties, etc. won the Good Design Award of the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO).
Dec. Combi Cha Cha Corporation invested in Success Academy Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2004 Combi Cha Cha Corporation transferred the goodwill of Samantha Co., Ltd.
Feb. The America-based affiliate changed its corporate name to "Combi USA, Inc." and was moved to South Carolina.
Apr. Combi Cha Cha Corporation changed its corporate name to CombiWith Corporation.
Feb. 2006 Sales subsidiary of Combi Asia Ltd., “Combi Korea Co., Ltd”. was established in Seoul , Korea.
May. Signed an agreement with Konami Corporation to sell Combi Wellness Corporation (transfer date May 31).
Oct. 2008 “Combimini DAIKANYAMA”―the first retail store dealing baby wear and baby care products was opened.
Apr. 2009 Child wear department spun off and “Combi Next Corporation” was established.
Jan. 2011 U.S.A sales subsidiary, “Combi USA, Inc.” moved to North Carolina.
Mar. Combi Corporation was delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange via MBO.
Jul. Production of baby carriers started in Cambodia
Sep. 2012 Launched new brand "compet" for pets. Also launched new product"compet milimili", a cart for pets.
Jan. 2014 Established new factory “Phnom Penh Combi(Cambodia)Co.,Ltd."in Cambodia
Apr. Established“Combi Holdings Limited" in Hong Kong(Changed to holding company structure)